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Eccovision Acoustic Diagnostic Imaging System

Our practice uses the Eccovision Acoustic Pharyngometer/Rhinometer system from Sleep Group Solutions to test our patient’s nasal and oral airways. The device sends sound waves into the airway and the reflected sound waves are measured by the machine to tell us how big the airway is. The Rhinometer measures the nasal airway and the Pharyngometer measures the oral airway. Both systems are FDA cleared and a highly effective way for us to identify the site and severity of airway collapse as it’s related to snoring and sleep related breathing problems.

WatchPAT™ 300

WatchPAT™ 300 is an innovative diagnostic Home Sleep Apnea Test (HSAT). Dr. Treanor and our team utilize this system to gather information about your sleep patterns. This device, worn like a watch, monitors information from up to seven channels, including peripheral arterial tone (PAT) signal, heart rate, oximetry (how much oxygen is in the blood), actigraphy (movement and physical activity), body position, snoring, and chest motion. It achieves these measurements from just three points of contact: at the wrist, fingertip and chest. With all of this data, the WatchPAT captures a more complete picture of what your body does while you sleep, allowing us to more accurately diagnose your sleep disorders while you stay in the comfort of your own bed.

Once the raw data is collected, our team can create a full report of what your sleep patterns look like, taking into account how you sleep, how many times you lose airflow throughout the night, how severe these episodes are, and what the best course of action is to treat your sleep disordered breathing.

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